Kat Turner and Chris Wood

Just finished three wonderful days engineering at Rimshot for the amazing Kat Turner, with Chris Wood (BBC Folk songwriter and singer of the year) producing and Neil Harland playing upright bass.

Kat is an amazing singer and songwriter. She flew from Ireland for the sessions and within minutes of arriving had all of us entranced as she ran through the songs we'd be recording.

In the end, we went with a really simple setup of a single AEA R44 ribbon mic to capture her voice and the Merlin guitar she plays plus a pair of Earthworks omnis for the room. This worked great - when Kat sings softly you literally want to lean in to the speakers to hear all the detail in her voice, and when she sings louder the room mics captured a wonderful "bloom" as her voice carried in the room. Definitely looking forward to this album being finished!