Mike Thorne is a producer, recording, mix and mastering engineer with a career spanning over 20 years.  An experienced musician and drummer, he has toured over 30 countries including most of Europe, the USA and South Africa and is now based in Kent working out of his own studio, Rimshot. 

Over the years Mike has recorded, mixed and mastered for many leading labels including Sony BMG, Sky TV, Universal Music Group, Acid Jazz Records, Secret Records, Légère Recordings, Nugene Records, Signum Classics, TreeHouse44, Crosscut Records and Audio Network. He has also worked with award winning artists and producers including BAFTA winner Matt Berry, Andy Fairweather Low, Andy Newmark, Procol Harum, Mike Vernon, Dennis Weinreich, L.A. Salami, Shaman Spirits, Chris Wood, Dave Bronze, The Orchestra That Fell To Earth, Ian Siegal, Matt Schofield and The Band of the Household Cavalry.

Clients have described Mike’s “sound” as a fusion of retro and modern. This is reflected in his love of vintage tube equipment and his ability to get great sounds at source whilst keeping the creative process moving, resulting in records that are dynamic and exciting; delivering clarity that enhances the emotions of the artist and song and transports the listener into the room with the artist.

Combining his experience as a musician with his passion and creativity for music production, Mike creates an environment where clients feel at home and are able to focus solely on their music. Rimshot, Mike’s studio, is a testament to this approach, featuring a large live room and oodles of vintage instruments and tube equipment melded with modern tools.

Mike’s approach is that in the days of iPods, MP3s and the reduced dynamic range of many current records, audio quality is now more important than ever in helping the listener make an emotional connection to the artist’s music.

© 2017 Mike Banks

© 2017 Mike Banks